Miller Mendel

Sheriff's Office Background Investigations Unit Sergeant shares his agency's eSOPH success story.

“eSOPH was much easier to deploy into our workflow than we had expected. The system is very intuitive for the average user making the transition quite easy for us. As a supervisor / manager, the benefits with eSOPH are easy to see right away. I have all of the working background files at my fingertips and can run workload and status reports regularly. A traditional background begins after the Personal History Statement has been submitted and various reference mailers are sent out. This is a process that normally takes weeks to accomplish. With eSOPH a background begins as soon as a candidate is entered into the system. We are actually working the file as the candidate is supplying information. The best improvement we have seen since adopting eSOPH is the content of the data being provided electronically by references. In this day and age of computer technology, more people are accustomed to typing on a computer, or a hand held device, and as a result we are getting much greater detail in the feedback we receive about a candidate.”

– Background Investigations Unit Sergeant, Ventura County California Sheriff’s Office.