Miller Mendel

Clark County Washington Sheriff's Office provides testimonial about their experience with eSOPH.

"Over the last two years eSOPH has provided great options for our background investigations in gathering data and will also allow us to easily share information with other agencies related to applicants.  We enjoy the fact that much less paper is processed with the email resources offered on eSOPH.  We include a generic release to law enforcement agencies for the applicant to complete with the packet initially.  This allows us to respond to other agencies quickly and with less effort. One great benefit is the ability to process the completed backgrounds through Civil Service electronically and expands our options for polygraph and psychological vendors to review the report without printing paper documents; it is so quick and simple.  We are excited to see the new upgrades and improvements.  Implementation of upgrades for eSOPH has been great and we certainly appreciate the quick help and response for questions or concerns.   I am excited for the upgrades since they are well thought out and make eSOPH responsive to the real world concerns.  The recent addition of the Word document as an option has improved our ability to change and communicate easier for documents, letters, etc.  We have improved our timeline for completing backgrounds."

- Senior Human Resources Analyst, Clark County Washington Sheriff's Office.