Miller Mendel

Just how much is eSOPH liked by background investigators? Testimonial from a Santa Ana Police Department Investigator.

“The eSOPH software program has allowed us to remain competitive in hiring quality applicants for our department at a time when many agencies are hiring and vying from the same applicant pool. The efficiency and thoroughness in which this program allows our background investigators to complete backgrounds is outstanding. We are able to receive responses from references, employers, law enforcement agencies and any other required sources sometimes within minutes of sending out the inquiry. The program also allows the background investigator to have the necessary information about the applicant at their fingertips at any time 24/7. This means we carry around a tablet with the essential information not a three-ring binder with paper documents. We have been able to save time once used mailing documents, save money once spent on postage and above all the valuable man hours saved on the background process itself and they have all been made possible because of eSOPH.”

– Background Investigator, Santa Ana California Police Department.