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The California Highway Patrol gains improved efficiency and document management with transition to eSOPH.

September 16, 2016 – Sacramento, CA. On Friday, September 16, 2016, representatives from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) executed a 12-month license agreement to use eSOPH, Miller Mendel’s background investigation software system. The CHP intends to process at least 2500 applicants within 12-months, using eSOPH.

On behalf of the CHP, the eSOPH transition project was led by Lieutenant Brent Carter, Sergeant Cheyenne Quesada and Mr. George Cassell. As of September 16, 2016, the CHP is the fifth agency in the state of California to transition their pre-employment background investigation process to eSOPH.

With their implementation of eSOPH, the CHP can now electronically assign investigators to cases and monitor the progress of those cases remotely. Investigators are commonly located throughout multiple geographical locations in the state. The electronic aspect eliminates the potential of paper files being misplaced as the files are in transit or change hands.


The state legislature established the California Highway Patrol as a branch of the Division of Motor Vehicles in the Department of Public Works in 1929. It was reestablished as a separate department in 1947. At the time, the CHP and the state police were separate agencies. In 1995, the two agencies merged. The CHP is currently organized as part of the State Transportation Agency.

The primary mission of the CHP is to ensure safety and enforce traffic laws on California highways and county roads in unincorporated areas. The CHP promotes traffic safety by inspecting commercial vehicles, as well as inspecting and certifying various specialized vehicles. In addition to its highway patrol duties, the CHP also provides protective services to state buildings and facilities (most notably the California State Capitol) and protection to state officials. The CHP also works with municipal law enforcement agencies, to assist in investigations, patrol, and other aspects of law enforcement throughout the state.

As of 2014, records indicated the California Highway Patrol is the largest state police agency in the United States, with more than 10,500 employees; 7,200 of whom are sworn officers. The CHP has a reported annual budget of over $2 billion.

Miller Mendel, Inc is honored to have the prestigious CHP as a client. MMI takes great pride in serving the largest state police agency within the United States in their pursuit of hiring professional, dedicated men and women.


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