Miller Mendel



Miller Mendel, Inc. (“MMI”) creates, sells and supports its software technology solutions for city, county, state and federal public safety agencies. MMI’s primary focus is to turn past practices used by city, county, state and federal government agencies into efficient and cost-effective electronic solutions.
MMI is known for creating category leading systems and providing responsive, exceptional support to all our clients. MMI places great pride in straightforward and transparent operational practices that foster a high level of respect and praise from our government clients.

MMI’s first and flagship service is eSOPH. eSOPH is a cloud-based software system designed specifically for public agencies who must process in-depth pre-employment background investigations on their applicants. eSOPH has been credited with cutting beyond half the time it takes to process a pre-employment background investigation, saving agencies many resources and allowing applicants to be hired quicker.

Selecting a Reputable & Stable Software Company.

Miller Mendel does not answer to any investor(s). MMI answers to its government clients. MMI's impeccable reputation since 2011 evidences this company value. MMI has operated debt free and profitable for multiple consistent years. These aspects are important for agencies to consider when selecting a pre-employment background investigations software company. When a company funded by private investors is unable to demonstrate consistent, profitable years through the eyes of its investors, that company is inherently at risk for going out of business.