Miller Mendel

Client Testimonials

“The use of eSOPH in our background investigations has greatly increased our speed and efficiency. Prior to eSOPH, countless hours were spent calling references and playing phone tag. Since implementing eSOPH, we have seen an increase in reference responses as references can electronically access the questionnaires and complete it at their own desired time. The background investigators are able to access their applicant’s information at any time either in the field or at the office. Our record retention and data storage is easier than ever and being able to electronically and securely share files with other agencies using eSOPH has been a great benefit as well.”

- Workforce Planning Administrator, Oregon Department of Corrections.


“eSOPH was much easier to deploy into our workflow than we had expected. The system is very intuitive for the average user making the transition quite easy for us. As a supervisor / manager the benefits with eSOPH are easy to see right away. I have all of the working background files at my fingertips and can run workload and status reports regularly. A traditional background begins after the Personal History Statement has been submitted and various reference mailers are sent out. This is a process that normally takes weeks to accomplish. With eSOPH a background begins as soon as a candidate is entered into the system. We are actually working the file as the candidate is supplying information. The best improvement we have seen since adopting eSOPH is the content of the data being provided electronically by references. In this day and age of computer technology, more people are accustomed to typing on a computer, or a hand held device, and as a result we are getting much greater detail in the feedback we receive about a candidate.”

– Background Investigations Unit Sergeant, Ventura County California Sheriff’s Office.


“eSOPH has simplified the organization of our background files and process immensely. Having the ability to access an applicant’s file at any given moment, either on a smart phone or a computer has increased our investigative efficiency. The web-based program allows for the Investigators to have all necessary information at their fingertips while they are in the field or office. The program’s ease of scanning and uploading documents to each categorized folder in an applicant’s file makes locating them a breeze; a nearly paperless system. Additionally, eSOPH’s user-friendly navigation, and its ability to share with POST representatives and other agency background Investigators, saves a tremendous amount of travelling time. The program’s ability to immediately review the status of each applicant, or the workload of any given Investigator, or its ability to create statistical reports has eliminated the need for excel spreadsheets, whiteboard lists or the numerous update-emails and phone calls previously used to manage the Background Unit. I highly recommend eSOPH to any agency whose desire is to eliminate paper, and become more organized and time-efficient.”

– Professional Standards Unit Lieutenant, Oceanside California Police Department.


“eSOPH has been used by our department for the past six years. It has definitely streamlined and expedited the background process. eSOPH has saved investigators time by having the information inputted on the front end by the applicant. Dozens of references can be sent out by the investigator with a click of the button.   All files - paper, audio, or photos, are in one location and accessible by any authorized person from anywhere. Storage issues and clutter is minimized, and work in the field or on the road is simplified. eSOPH is constantly improving based on the input from the users, and they have always been responsive to any questions or problems. Once a background investigation has been completed, all the information can remain in the cloud for easy retrieval or simply exported to a CD. Finally, reports can be run showing statistical information on the people that are being hiring and disqualified.”

Commander, Port of Seattle Police Department.


“Over the last 2 years eSOPH has provided great options for our background investigations in gathering data and will also allow us to easily share information with other agencies related to applicants. We enjoy the fact that much less paper is processed with the email resources offered on eSOPH. We include a generic release to law enforcement agencies for the applicant to complete with the packet initially. This allows us to respond to other agencies quickly and with less effort. One great benefit is the ability to process the completed backgrounds through Civil Service electronically and expands our options for polygraph and psychological vendors to review the report without printing paper documents; it is so quick and simple. We are excited to see the new upgrades and improvements. Implementation of upgrades for eSOPH has been great and we certainly appreciate the quick help and response for questions or concerns. I am excited for the upgrades since they are well thought out and make eSOPH responsive to the real-world concerns. The recent addition of the Word document as an option has improved our ability to change and communicate easier for documents, letters, etc. We have improved our timeline for completing backgrounds.”

- Senior Human Resources Analyst, Clark County Washington Sheriff's Office.


“The eSOPH software program has allowed us to remain competitive in hiring quality applicants for our department at a time when many agencies are hiring and vying from the same applicant pool. The efficiency and thoroughness in which this program allows our background investigators to complete backgrounds is outstanding. We are able to receive responses from references, employers, law enforcement agencies and any other required sources sometimes within minutes of sending out the inquiry. The program also allows the background investigator to have the necessary information about the applicant at their fingertips at any time 24/7. This means we carry around a tablet with the essential information not a three-ring binder with paper documents. We have been able to save time once used mailing documents, save money once spent on postage and above all the valuable man hours saved on the background process itself and they have all been made possible because of eSOPH.”

– Background Investigator, Santa Ana California Police Department.