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eSOPH is the #1 pre-employment background investigation software system used and trusted by public safety agencies.


Over 50,000 pre-employment, public safety background investigations have been conducted by city, county and state police agencies using eSOPH.


eSOPH (electronic Statement of Personal History) is a cloud based, feature rich case management system designed for the processing of pre-employment background investigations. eSOPH is currently used by dozens of city, county and state public safety agencies across the United States, ranging in size from ten to over ten thousand personnel. For years, eSOPH has been the market leader in this space. Because eSOPH is the #1 system of its type, agencies using the system benefit from being a part of the largest network linking public safety agencies together regarding applicant background investigations. Information is knowledge. Knowledge is power. Through using eSOPH, your investigators will inherently gather information quicker and information they may not have obtained without the use of eSOPH.

Since the launch of eSOPH in 2011, Miller Mendel's Research and Development personnel have worked continuously and tirelessly over the last eight + years with hundreds of background investigators and their management to help make eSOPH what it is today. Just ask our current clients. Throughout those 8+ years, we've continuously listened and immediately responded to the input provided. Just ask our clients. Today, eSOPH is by far, the most advanced, feature rich system for processing and managing pre-employment background investigations, specifically designed for the way public safety agencies do business. Just ask our Clients.

Since 2011, We haven't only worked with background investigators and their unit managers. We've also worked one-on-one and in teams with city, county and state procurement units, their risk management personnel and their attorneys to ensure Miller Mendel, Inc. was offering a solution that checked the box in every area of need and to be as efficient as possible during the procurement and implementation processes. Since 2011, every implementation of eSOPH has been 100% successful for each client, on time and as originally quoted.

We believe the security of the eSOPH system is paramount to any feature we could offer. That is why since 2011, Miller Mendel, Inc. has an unrivaled reputation with our city, county and state government clients that includes zero security incidents and checking the box on every security requirement our client's information technology security personnel have handed us. 

eSOPH is, hands down, more secure than any competitor system. Just ask for our security documentation and have your agency’s information technology personnel compare our standards and practices for safeguarding your applicant and agency’s applicant related data. When it comes to applicant’s personal information and related liability, a secure system with an impeccable track record is an absolute must-have.

eSOPH is scalable and customizable for each organization’s unique requirements. Documents, settings, workflows and preferences are customized and managed locally, by your agency’s admin user personnel. eSOPH also has its own data warehouse with customizable reporting abilities on just about every datapoint imaginable with a connected API. Our clients can access and pull data in anyway imaginable from their individual eSOPH, Microsoft SQL Enterprise database.

There is no competing system(s) on the market designed for public safety pre-employment background investigations that can beat eSOPH in security, features, ease of use, insurance liabity coverage limits, client satisfaction and overall reputation. That is why some of the largest and most prestigious law enforcement agencies in our nation have selected eSOPH.

For a full feature list or to schedule a live webinar of the eSOPH system, please click here. Be sure to check out the "About" page and some of our Client Testimonials.


eSOPH is not currently offered to private background investigations companies, to include private investigators conducting investigations on behalf of public safety agencies.

eSOPH is a "sole/single source" opportunity through patented functionality and separate methods.

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