Miller Mendel

Guardian Alliance Technologies' alleged infringement of MMI’s Patent.

In or around July 2017, MMI was notified by a customer that it had been contacted by a company named Guardian Alliance Technologies. MMI was notified Guardian Alliance Technologies was claiming to offer a pre-employment background investigation software as a service. MMI was further alerted to allegations the company claimed to include many features within their software that have been creatively developed with the hard work and ingenuity of MMI personnel, since 2010. Some of these features and related functionality MMI contends may fall within MMI’s protected intellectual property, specifically: MMI’s granted U.S. Patent No. 9,070,098. In addition to the claims already granted by the USPTO, MMI has other claims that are in “Patent Pending Status”.

MMI’s patent attorneys reviewed the information presented in Guardian Alliance Technologies' published materials. A letter was sent by MMI’s attorneys to Guardian Alliance Technologies notifying Guardian of the ‘098 Patent and ask them to review their product and assure that it does not infringe.

MMI’s personnel have worked tirelessly (since 2010) to build the eSOPH system to meet and exceed the needs of their government clients. MMI has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into the development of the eSOPH system. MMI takes any infringement and copying of their eSOPH system seriously and will vigorously defend its intellectual property.

MMI's granted patent: US Patent 9,070,0,09898