Miller Mendel

Guardian Alliance Technologies' alleged infringement of MMI’s Patent.

Miller Mendel, Inc. (“MMI”) has released the following statement regarding Guardian Alliance Technologies' alleged infringement of MMI’s issued patent.

In or around July 2017, MMI was notified by a respected city government client that they had been contacted by a company named Guardian Alliance Technologies. MMI was notified Guardian Alliance Technologies was claiming to offer a pre-employment background investigation software as a service. MMI was further alerted to allegations the company claimed to include many features within their software that have been creatively developed with the hard work and ingenuity of MMI personnel, since 2010. Some of these features and related functionality also fall within MMI’s protected intellectual property, specifically: MMI’s granted U.S. Patent No. 9070098. In addition to the claims already granted by the USPTO, MMI has several other claims that are in “Patent Pending Status”.

MMI’s patent attorneys from Rylander and Associates, conducted a “patent infringement analysis”, based on the information presented in Guardian Alliance Technologies' published materials. MMI’s patent attorneys are currently taking steps to file a complaint against Guardian Alliance Technologies for their blatant and illegal disregard of the USPTO’s granted patent claims to MMI. A warning letter was sent by MMI’s attorneys to Guardian Alliance Technologies in or around September 2017. That warning letter, to date, appears to have been ignored.

What does this mean for customers that sign up for Guardian Alliance Technologies software? When a court determines infringement, Guardian Alliance Technologies can be ordered to remove the features from their software that violate MMI’s patent. At this time, the analysis finds that this includes the ability to search for law enforcement agencies based on the applicant or reference’s addresses, and the collection of reference contacts that automatically correlates/connects to specific reference packets the system sends out for those references to complete.

MMI’s personnel have worked tirelessly (since 2010) to build the eSOPH system to meet and exceed the needs of their government clients. MMI has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into the development of the eSOPH system. MMI takes the infringement and copying of their eSOPH system seriously, as should any city, county or state government agency in search of such a software service solution. 

Intellectual property infringement is theft. 

MMI’s granted patent: